Top 5 Audio Mixers: Best Gear for Streaming in 2024!



Top 5 Audio Mixers - Best Gear for Streaming in 2024!

Audio mixers for streaming is one of the popular activities on the internet today. It is taking over the social media platforms used for varied purposes, either for gaming or more. To most streamers, it is necessary to be heard clearly and be in control of the audio. Hence, this article will delve into the top 5 audio mixers. 

Integrating an audio mixer can benefit everyone, whether you’re a newcomer to live streaming or transitioning to a professional setup. It is the most straightforward method to link all your live-streaming equipment and effectively control sound with the precision demanded by top-notch audio mixers tailored to your live-streaming requirements.


What is an Audio Mixer?

An audio mixer, or a soundboard, mixing console, or mixer, is an electronic apparatus designed to route incoming audio signals while retaining control over various effects such as volume, tonality, spatial placement, and other dynamic elements crucial for music production and professional sound mixing tasks.

Conventional audio mixers are tangible devices equipped with inputs for instruments and digital gadgets like drum machines, auxiliary line-ins, and microphones. Mixing capabilities are also accessible through software, albeit necessitating a sophisticated sound card with instrument inputs. Alternatively, users can upload pre-recorded tracks to a computer for integration with audio software.

Modern audio mixers, whether physical or software-based, serve both professional studios and non-professional users, offering a wide range of features and price points. Studios often utilize dedicated units, while non-professional setups may involve digital recorders integrated with mixers. Entry-level models typically support 4-track digital recording, with higher-end options accommodating up to 24 channels. Each channel on a mixer is dedicated to a specific instrument or source, allowing for precise control over sound levels, tonality, and other dynamics. This approach ensures clean tracks and gives the sound engineer extensive control over the audio project.

The necessity for audio mixers in streaming setups is underscored by their ability to offer a range of features and pricing options. Several vital considerations can guide your decision-making process when exploring audio mixers for streaming.

The intended usage of an audio mixer heavily influences the features you prioritize. For instance, an audio mixer would be suitable if your setup comprises multiple XLR microphones and gaming consoles, necessitating individual sound adjustments. Conversely, an audio interface suffices for simpler streaming setups with just one microphone.

An audio mixer proves invaluable if you’re contemplating a dual PC streaming setup. Its capacity to manage sound levels independently from various sources grants unparalleled control and convenience compared to alternative hardware and software solutions.

Pricing becomes pivotal once you’ve determined that an audio mixer aligns with your streaming environment. The market delineates pricing based on the number of inputs required, where more inputs and knobs typically translate to a higher price point.

With this understanding, let’s explore the best audio mixers tailored to streaming needs.


The Top 5 Audio Mixers for Streaming are the following:

TC-Helicon GoXLR Audio Mixer

The TC-Helicon GoXLR Mixer , first of the top 5 audio mixers which offers a comprehensive 4-channel solution tailored for streamers and online broadcasters, featuring a studio-quality MIDAS preamp optimized to enhance XLR microphone performance with 48V phantom power. Its features include an equalizer, compressor, limiter, de-esser, and Gate for refined audio control. The mixer’s rear panel hosts a 3.5mm headphone input, line-in, an additional 3.5mm microphone input, USB input, and optical input compatible with Xbox or Sony Playstation consoles. Recognized for its user-friendly interface and compact design, the GoXLR is rapidly gaining popularity among Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube streamers, seamlessly integrating into various live streaming setups. 

Pros of the GoXLR Mixer include its versatile 4-channel mixing capability, compatibility with USB and optical connections for Xbox and Sony Playstation, sleek and intuitive design, and user-friendly interface. However, a potential drawback is its relatively high cost.


Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB Audio Mixer 

If you’re searching for a compact audio mixer with a built-in audio interface and expandable inputs, the Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB Mixer second of the top 5 audio mixers offers impressive features. Notably, it boasts a 3-band EQ designed to deliver a warm, musical sound reminiscent of classic British rock and pop tracks. With six channels, it accommodates multiple devices like a 2 PC streaming setup or gaming consoles. The mixer’s state-of-the-art Xenyx preamps ensure crystal-clear audio reproduction with a dynamic range 130db. Moreover, its two compressors provide easy, one-knob functionality for balancing loud and soft sounds, making it ideal for enhancing your streaming setup into a high-performance studio and recording environment.

Pros of the product include its ten inputs, which consist of 2 XLR inputs and eight line-level inputs, making it versatile for various audio setups. It also provides 48V Phantom power, catering to XLR microphones, and features a built-in USB/Audio Interface for seamless connectivity. Additionally, the product offers a 3-band EQ for precise sound adjustments. However, some users may need more than the number of inputs, and the price point could be considered a drawback.


Yamaha Mg10Xu Audio Mixer

Yamaha, known for its century-long legacy of high-quality audio products, maintains its reputation with the Yamaha Mg10Xu Stereo Mixer. Boasting ten channel inputs, including four XLR inputs furnished with 48V phantom power suitable for condenser microphones, this mixer guarantees versatility and professional-level performance.

Like the Behringer Xenyx Q1002USB mixer, it boasts a 3-band EQ for balanced bass, vocals, and highs, along with a one-knob compressor, a standard feature that Yamaha wisely includes. Built with a sturdy metal chassis, the Mg10Xu is compact yet rugged, making it suitable for travel and robust enough to withstand accidental drops. The Yamaha Mg series combines the features of premium mixing consoles in a compact design, making it a top choice among professionals on platforms like Twitch and YouTube for live streaming.


Alto Professional ZMX52 Audio Mixer

The Alto Professional ZMX52 Mixer, despite being the smallest and most compact mixer in this selection, is one of the top 5 audio mixers equipped with all the necessary features to set up professional-grade audio swiftly, usually within five minutes. While it offers only five channels compared to its counterparts, it’s an ideal choice if you use one XLR condenser microphone and require minimal input for other streaming equipment.

Its affordability is unmatched, making it a bestseller on platforms like Amazon. However, it does come with some compromises, such as a 2-band EQ for bass and treble adjustments only, and lacks a compressor. If compression is essential for your setup, consider investing in a pricier mixer or an external compressor. Nonetheless, the Alto Professional ZMX52 Mixer remains famous for its price point and compact design.

The Alto Professional ZMX52 Mixer, fourth of the top 5 audio mixers may be the smallest in size among its counterparts, but it keeps features crucial for achieving professional-grade audio within minutes. With five channels, including provision for one XLR condenser microphone and minimal inputs for other streaming gear, it offers excellent value for its price, consistently ranking among bestsellers on platforms like Amazon. However, certain features, such as a 2-band EQ and the absence of a compressor, were sacrificed to maintain affordability and compactness. While it lacks USB output, the Alto Professional ZMX52 Mixer remains an impressive choice for those seeking budget-friendly yet functional audio mixers for their streaming needs.


Behringer Xenyx 302USB 

The Behringer Xenyx 302USB is one of the top 5 audio mixers akin to its larger counterpart, the QX1002USB, boasting similar hardware, making it an excellent USB audio mixer with fewer inputs to achieve a more compact and budget-friendly design. With five inputs and a 2-band ‘British’ EQ, it offers phantom power for XLR microphones, a premium Xenyx preamp identical to the QX1002USB, and a built-in stereo USB/Audio interface. For those seeking the best budget-friendly option for streaming, the Behringer Xenyx 302USB stands out with its affordability, feature set, and space-saving compact design.

The Behringer Xenyx 302USB presents a compelling package with its 5-input configuration, premium Xenyx preamp, and integrated USB/Audio interface, all packed into a compact design. However, its limitation lies in offering only one XLR microphone input, which may restrict setups requiring multiple microphones simultaneously.


What are the Benefits of Choosing a USB Audio Mixer for Streaming?

Ease of use is crucial when selecting an audio mixer for streaming purposes. Opting for an audio mixer with a standard output is recommended unless you operate in a professional recording studio environment with abundant RCA connectors and surplus audio gear. The Behringer Q1002USB Mixer and the Yamaha Mg10Xu Stereo Mixer feature USB outputs, enabling seamless connection to modern laptops, gaming computers, or USB hubs for plug-and-play functionality.

In contrast, the Alto Professional ZMX52 Mixer necessitates an RCA cable for output to a gaming PC, potentially requiring additional hardware purchases. Depending on your streaming setup and other peripherals like an Elgato Stream Deck or green screen, opting for a USB audio mixer may offer greater convenience and compatibility for your streaming needs.

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What is the Best Audio Mixer Software for Streaming?

Many professional audio equipment available online include Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software, primarily for podcasting, musical instrument recording, and professional recording tasks. However, DAW software may not be necessary for Twitch or YouTube streaming. Instead, connecting an audio mixer or USB audio interface to your streaming PC allows it to serve as the Audio Input Source in your streaming software, such as OBS, Streamlabs, or Xsplit, each equipped with internal mixers for volume adjustments and finishing touches before streaming. Alternatively, if you prefer a software mixer over a physical one, Voicemeeter Banana is a noteworthy choice, especially for dual PC streaming setups. Ultimately, both options offer robust solutions for your streaming needs.

Which mixer is optimal for streaming? 

The Yamaha MG10XU Stereo Mixer stands out as the excellent choice of the top 5 audio mixers. Its comprehensive features, ample inputs, and durable construction make it a reliable option for streaming needs. The sturdy metal chassis ensures longevity, making it resilient to rough handling. Boasting ten inputs, a 3-band EQ, and a compressor, it delivers professional-grade audio ideal for streaming.



Audio mixers excel depending on the particular purpose for which they were designed. Thus, double-check their specs and quality in purchasing the best audio mixers between the top 5 audio mixers given specified for streaming. Choose wisely by checking the reviews and further information on the stated products. Indeed, quality matters to be competitive enough in this digital world. With the help of these audio mixers, the number of your views/followers will surely increase as it optimizes your streaming quality. 


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