Best Massage Chairs: Relaxation Technology in 2024



Best Massage Chairs - Relaxation Technology in 2024In today’s digital era, even chairs are integrated with technologies. Unlike before, it only serves as something to be sat upon, yet now it can adjust itself to become bed-like to lay and a human hand that can massage your back and head while sitting, all-in-one. These massage chairs have gained popularity and are widely used in homes, malls, offices, and other establishments as self-time for relaxation, therapy, stress relief, or all of the above. In this article, we will unravel the best massage chairs in 2024.


What is a Massage Chair?

A massage chair is a unique piece of furniture designed with motors, gears, and rollers that replicate the techniques and movements of a human massage therapist. These chairs offer a range of massage techniques like kneading, tapping, rolling, and Shiatsu massage, often adjustable for intensity, speed, and focus. They aim to provide relaxation, alleviate stress and muscle tension, and enhance blood circulation, making them popular in homes, offices, spas, and wellness centers.

Modern models may feature additional amenities like heat therapy, air compression massage for limbs, zero gravity positioning, and built-in speakers for music or relaxation sounds, catering to various preferences and needs. The range of massage chairs available varies widely, from basic designs to sophisticated units with advanced technology and customizable massage programs.

What are the Benefits of Massage Chairs?

Massage serves as a method for alleviating chronic pain by soothing aching muscles, relaxing the body, and relieving tension. Specific massage techniques are also thought to offer health advantages such as enhancing digestion, bolstering the immune system, alleviating headaches, promoting circulation, and managing mild depression. Utilizing a massage chair provides various health benefits, including:

  • Alignment of the spine and nerve pressure reduction: 

A reclining chair supports the back horizontally, alleviating pressure on the spine. Vital nerves pass through the spine, extending from the vertebrae to peripheral body parts like hands, feet, fingers, and toes. Spinal tension or misalignment can compress these nerves. As supporting muscles relax, the spine elongates, allowing vertebrae to return to their natural alignment. Relieved from pressure, impinged nerves can freely transmit impulses through the spinal column to the extremities.

  • Muscle relaxation and posture improvement: 

Massage chairs target specific muscles using various strokes to alleviate pain. As muscles relax, any imbalances are corrected, allowing the body to maintain better posture and mobility. When experiencing pain, the body often compensates using other muscles, leading to undue stress on adjacent muscles and ligaments. For instance, a sore hip may cause uneven sitting to alleviate pressure, affecting the lower spine and straining neck or shoulder muscles. After using a massage chair, individuals often experience improved posture and balance as muscle tension is reduced. 

  • Stress relief: 

Stress affects mental and physical well-being, often resulting in sleep disturbances, changes in appetite, and elevated blood pressure. By alleviating stress, massage helps reduce cortisol levels in the bloodstream, improving blood pressure regulation and overall health.

  • Enhanced circulation: 

Improved circulation is crucial for healing processes. Blood transports vital oxygen and essential nutrients to cells, eliminating harmful toxins. Tense muscles can restrict blood flow, but massage relaxes muscles, facilitating blood flow to tissues and organs. According to the Mayo Clinic, certain studies indicate that massage may strengthen the immune system.

  • Endorphin release: 

Massage stimulates the body’s release of endorphins, neurotransmitters that diminish pain perception and mitigate stress effects. Endorphins promote a sense of well-being and bolster immune response. Research indicates that massage therapy induces the secretion of endorphins.


What are the Best Massage Chairs in 2024? 

iRest A306 Massage Chair

This massage chair initiates an automatic body scan upon activation, per the manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring it customizes the massage experience to suit your height and body size. For those seeking advanced technological features like voice control, this chair responds to commands for adjusting the massage settings. Although our experts haven’t yet evaluated this particular model, we appreciate its SL track design, which spans the entire spine and buttocks, potentially addressing various aches and pains. With three levels of zero gravity providing a weightless sensation and a relaxing foot massager included, the chair also offers a yoga stretching function ideal for relieving tension after a long day.

Massage Coverage: Full-body

Reclining Functionality: Yes (Zero Gravity)

Heating Feature: Yes

Dimensions: 61.02 x 29.53 x 45.08″


  • SL-track design
  • Incorporates voice control and auto body scan
  • It offers three zero-gravity levels and a yoga stretching function


  • Advanced tech features may not be essential for everyone

Best Massage Chairs - Relaxation Technology in 2024

Absolute Relax Favor-03 ADV Massage Chair

With over 5,000 reviews on Amazon, averaging a 4.3-star rating, this massage chair stands out for its value and impressive features. While it hasn’t been tested in our Lab, we appreciate its zero gravity mode, six auto-massage modes, heating function, Bluetooth speakers, and more. The LCD remote control ensures easy operation, and the chair also offers voice control for adjusting settings without interrupting your massage experience. Although its S-track design lacks coverage for the buttocks and hamstrings, the built-in foot massager relieves tired feet.

Massage Coverage: Full body

Recline Function: Yes, with a zero gravity option

Heating Feature: Available

Dimensions: 63 x 30 x 34 inches


  • More budget-friendly compared to other high-end chairs
  • Equipped with Bluetooth speakers and voice control


  • Limited to S-track functionality


Homedics Shiatsu Elite II 

Even if space is limited, owning a massage chair is still possible with this portable option favored by our experts. Its mobility allows you to move it around the house effortlessly or store it away when needed. Offering three massage styles—deep tissue, rolling, and spot—will enable you to target specific zones with the included remote, whether it’s your entire back, upper back, shoulders, or lower back. Additionally, adding gentle heat to your massage enhances relaxation, although it’s worth noting that this chair lacks reclining functionality.

Massage Coverage: Shoulders, back, and neck

Recline Function: Not available

Heat Feature: Included

Dimensions: 30 x 7.75 x 19.63 inches


  • Versatile, fits various chair types
  • Portable and compact for convenient storage
  • Offers excellent value for its features
  • Includes a remote control for easy operation


  • Lack of recline or zero gravity functionality


Kyota Yutaka M898 4D Massage Chair

The Kyota Yutaka is the highest-priced massage chair on our roster, yet it offers a luxurious spa-like experience that’s hard to beat. Its comprehensive massage coverage spans from the neck down to the feet and accommodates users ranging from five to 6.6 feet tall. Having undergone rigorous testing in our Lab over the past year, we’ve been captivated by its 4D design, engineered to replicate the sensation of a deep-tissue massage with human-like precision, offering a variety of movements, intensities, and speeds.

The Director of Home Improvement, Dan DiClerico, and Outdoor Labs said, “I experienced significant relief from lower back pain, thanks to the chair’s extensive reach and effective tension-relieving capabilities in that area.” He praised the chair’s robust construction and premium materials, suggesting long-term durability.

In addition to its therapeutic capabilities, the Kyota Yutaka boasts several extra features, including mood-enhancing lighting, an air purification system, a wireless charging pad for smartphones, Bluetooth connectivity, and an intuitive remote control, empowering users to tailor their massage experience to their preferences.

Massage Coverage: Entire Body

Reclining Feature: Yes, with Zero Gravity Option

Heat Functionality: Yes

Dimensions: 67 x 35 x 49 inches


  • L-track and 4D design for comprehensive massage coverage
  • Abundance of additional features and amenities
  • Comfortable and calming, as per testers’ feedback
  • Sturdy and durable construction


  • High price point


Osaki OS Champ

This massage chair targets vital areas, encompassing your upper back and hamstrings. With 18 integrated airbags, it employs compression to alleviate tense muscles effectively. Additionally, it offers two reclining positions, providing the zero gravity experience for optimal body alignment.

The chair boasts five auto-massage modes catering to various needs, like relaxation and stretching. Although our experts have yet to evaluate this model and desire a more comprehensive array of auto-massage options, we commend its extendable footrest, ensuring even taller individuals can benefit from the foot-roller massager it offers.

Massage Coverage: Full body

Reclining Feature: Yes (zero gravity)

Heat Function: Yes

Dimensions: 30.5 x 57.1 x 44.1 inches


  • L-track design for comprehensive massage coverage
  • The Footrest extension feature enhances comfort during use
  • Equipped with 18 built-in airbags for effective muscle compression


  • A limited selection of auto-massage modes

Best Massage Chairs - Relaxation Technology in 2024

Sharper Image Revival Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The L-track massage chair is engineered to alleviate pressure across the body, making it particularly beneficial for individuals with arthritis or chronic pain. It features eight auto-massage programs that employ different techniques to simulate human hands. Its sleek, all-black design makes the chair aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, boasting heating capabilities and zero gravity functionality to achieve complete spinal relief. While our experts have yet to have the opportunity to evaluate this model in the Lab, we’re eager to explore its diverse range of massage techniques, including Swedish and Thai massages.

Massage area: Full body

Recline: Yes, including zero gravity feature

Heating: Yes

Dimensions: 45 x 32 x 53 inches


  • L-track design
  • Eight auto-massage programs
  • The sleek, all-black design


  • Lack of premium, innovative features


Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

While this chair has yet to undergo testing in our Lab, our experts believe its compact design could easily blend in as a classic recliner in any living room. One standout feature is its retractable calf massager, which can be folded to save space when unused. Although we wish it offered more auto-massage programs and included a foot massager, our team appreciates the swivel base, allowing easy rotation to find the most comfortable angle, especially during activities like watching TV. Additionally, the availability of four colors – white, black, brown, and gray – ensures it can match various room decors.

Massage Coverage: Entire body

Recline Functionality: Not available

Heating Feature: Yes, equipped with warm air technology

Dimensions: 44 x 28 x 40 inches


  • Compact design
  • Swivel base for convenience
  • Available in four colors


  • No foot massager or zero gravity feature



Massage chairs offer more than just relief from aches and pains; they also promote relaxation and reduce stress levels. Utilizing one of the best massage chairs can positively contribute to your physical and mental well-being. Give yourself time to sit and relax after a long day of spending your energy. You deserve it. It has benefits and drawbacks, so always use it sparingly, as your body is limited. These technological integrations have been helpful. As it innovates to aid our demands better, may it help you live your life to the fullest.

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